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Contact Snorestore

The easiest way to contact Snorestore is to email
Our Customer Services number is 020 8427 1312 but you will get a quicker response if you email us. Almost all the information we give out is already on our website. In particular, the sections under "Earplugs Information" tell you pretty much what you need to know. Everyone's needs are different though so if we can't take your call, drop us an email.
You can also follow us on Twitter and on our Earplugs Files blog if you want to keep up to date with our latest news.
Please note - our registered office is not a shop. Please place your order online and we'll put it in the post quickly. We are strictly mail order/internet order only.

Legal Information

Registered office: (no callers)
Snorestore Ltd
22 Romney Drive

VAT number: 898 6084 54
Company number: 04283828
Registered in England and Wales

Snorestore Ltd is a retailer of earplugs, eyeshades and associated goods and is bound by UK and EU laws and regulations covering mail order goods and services. These include, but are not limited to, the Sale of Goods Act, the Consumer Contracts Regulations and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications. We will not sell or knowingly pass your details on to anyone else. We are registered with the Information Commissioner for Data Protection purposes.

One Last Thing

One last thing: someone asked us why our prices are higher than, say, tax-avoiding Amazon's. Two reasons:
1) We are an accredited Living Wage employer. We value our staff.
2) Last year, Amazon halved its corporation tax bill despite its UK profits tripling. "If they really wanted to help our public services theyd pay taxes properly and treat their workforce better," said Neil Derrick, a GMB regional secretary. Amazon reports its revenues from UK sales through a separate company based in Luxembourg - a tax haven.
Snorestore is a UK registered company through and through and we pay all our taxes. On time. In full. And we pay our staff above the London living wage because we value them. That's why you get excellent service.

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