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Otifleks Beeswax Earplugs

Otifleks Beeswax Earplugs

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Otifleks beeswax earplugs combine the essence of the honeycomb with cotton fibre for an entirely natural product.
The mixture’s anti-bacterial properties help prevent the spread of germs from your hands or surrounding environment to your ear. The cotton fibre adds strength, keeping the natural beeswax from disintegrating, splitting or breaking within the ear. By covering the entrance of the ear only, Otifleks provides quick and easy applicability.
The carry case is a hygienic solution for keeping your earplugs clean - you will be the first person to touch or handle the earplugs. The earplugs are packaged in individual plastic spheres within the case.
Please do not insert the earplug into the ear canal: it is designed to seal the ear canal entrance only. Can be used for infants and children under medical supervision.
1. Remove the earplug from its protective sphere.
2. Flatten earplug between fingertips. DO NOT form into a tube shape.
3. Place the flattened earplug firmly over the opening to the ear canal.
4. DO NOT push the earplug into the ear canal. Cover the opening ONLY.
5. As with all silicone and wax earplugs, the very nature of the material means it is sticky. If it sticks to your ear, it will also stick to your hair. Do not be surprised if you find residue in your hair (especially people with long hair) from time to time. Remove it by rubbing the product gently between your fingers. Discard.
Otifleks earplugs were developed after intensive consultations with leading doctors and medical professionals. They conform to Australian and European Union regulations.
Precautions: Do not push inside the ear canal. Flatten the beeswax over the opening only. Beeswax is sticky - push your hair away from your ears before applying the earplugs.

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