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MotoSafe Earplugs

MotoSafe Earplugs

In stock

Alpine's MotoSafe earplugs are designed to keep harmful, tiring wind noise at bay, while still allowing you to hear the engine in all safety.
The in-built filters mean you're not completely cut off from your environment - in particular, the traffic which surrounds you.
MotoSafe earplugs are probably the most versatile and most protective bikers' earplugs on the market.
They are resuable, washable and each pack contains one pair of earplugs + one spare and two sets of filters for high or medium noise protection.
The special wind noise filters included with MotoSafe earplugs guarantee optimum protection whilst still allowing you to hear ambient noises and to communicate clearly.The state of the art filter construction ensures that no differences of pressure arise inside the ear canal.
The earplugs are made from durable ATS AlpineThermoShape material which moulds to the invidiual shape of the auditory duct within just a few minutes, making them very comfortable in the ear even for prolonged periods of use. If needed the user can adjust the lamella to the shape of the ear canall.

Price: 15.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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