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Read This First

We want to help you ...

... but you have to help yourself a little as well.

Your ears, your tolerance of noise, your experience of noise and all sorts of other stuff are unique to you.
We can't emphasise enough how it's not possible for us to tell you exactly which earplugs will work for you. We can make suggestions, but ultimately it is down to how you get on with the earplugs. Recommendations from friends are great, but their ears won't be the same as yours.

What we can do: suggest earplugs for specific needs e.g. music, swimming.
What we can't do: mend broken relationships, guarantee to block out all noise, stop your neighbours making your life a misery, solve your medical issues, bring about world peace.

So PLEASE READ the Earplugs FAQs before deciding on which earplugs to buy. We ALWAYS recommend an Earplugs Sample Pack as your first purchase, particularly if you need earplugs to help you sleep.

By the way, we don't insist like some websites that you have to have an account with us. We make it easy for you to place an order without one. If you want to create an account, that's fine too.

Common Sense Required

Using earplugs requires common sense:

* If the earplugs make your ears sore, choose a different type or don't wear any.
* If you're allergic to any of the ingredients, don't use those earplugs.
* If you need to hear certain sounds e.g. alarms, then should you be wearing earplugs at all?
* If you get silicone or wax stuck in your hair, remove it yourself.
* If you keep getting silicone or wax in your hair, use a different type of earplug.

We absolutely can't tell you how to run your life or be responsible for your every move. Everything involves risk. Staying alive is usually down to the successful avoidance of risk.

Snorers: maybe do something about it yourself?

We often receive calls from people (mostly women) who are in despair at their partner's inability to recognise that their snoring is having a major detrimental impact on their lives. It's very sad. We know that relationships can be wrecked as a result. So please, if you're a snorer, don't blame your partner for being a light sleeper. You're the one making the noise. Perhaps it's time you did something about your own lifestyle which might, just might, help?

1. Overweight? Losing weight can help reduce how loudly you snore.
2. Smoke? Congested nasal passages and a rattly chest caused by smoking is not going to help your sleep partner.
3. Drink? Deeper sleep induced by too much alcohol can make you snore more often and more loudly.

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