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Complete Earplugs Sleep Pack

Complete Earplugs Sleep Pack

In stock

Combines the best of the Women's and Men's Sleep packs with extra earplugs so you have even more choice and the best chance of finding an earplug to suit you.
Contains one pair of each of the following:
Memory Foam Earplugs: EAR Soft FX, EAR Soft Neon, Spark Plugs Soft, Max earplugs, Ohropax Soft Foam, Uvex Hi-Com, Ultra earplugs, SoundAsleep, Mack's Original, SnoreBlockers, EAR Classic Soft, Dreamgirl, MaxLite, Contours Small, Contours Standard, Mack's SlimFit, LaserLite, Ear Soft 21, Otifleks SuperSoft.
Silicone Earplugs: Mack's PillowSoft earplugs, Insta-Putty earplugs.
Wax Earplugs: Mighty Plugs, Otifleks Beeswax earplugs, Ohropax Classic
Sometimes we add other earplugs so make sure you keep a note of the earplugs labels for when you want to come back and order more!

Price: 25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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